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Abstract Clouds


Empowering. Guiding. Inspiring. Informing

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I'm a late bloomer.  I moved to Atlanta two days after my 50th birthday.
Within 2 1/2 months I had an agent and booked my first SE acting gig.
It took 30 years, many detours & adventures.  I've made many mistakes
along the way and burnt some bridges. I hope to help and empower other
actors and artists build their business with the workshops I've created.

Abstract Clouds
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From teaching middle and high school students English & Drama, to guiding
people on how to organize their homes, garages and offices, I've been able to
help people clear their space and find their unique voice. As a Marketing
Manager I've learned to balance budgets, create content & understand customers.

Abstract Clouds
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I miss teaching. I miss learning from and sharing with my students. I hope my workshops help actors and artists find the practical skills they want to help them move their business forward whether as actors, artists or dilettantes.

Abstract Clouds

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